Improve Your Search Engine Marketing with Barnacle SEO
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Search Engine Marketing

When we say a site has great content, then we really mean its content is better than that of similar sites. In addition, if you have a good site ranking, then that just means that you rank higher than the other sites.
This concept plays a crucial role in barnacle SEO, a strategy that focuses on tying your site to ones with credibility and authority. Businesses that practice barnacle SEO accept that they don’t have a high-ranking site, which allows them to take steps to fix that.

The way they do that is by linking to sites with great content. According to a recent Search Engine Journal article, this will benefit your search engine marketing since visitors of the other sites will also see your site:

“A business with a lower search ranking can attach itself to a much larger site with a much higher search ranking and feed on the search results they are getting. When someone searches for the larger site, the smaller site, which has been connected to it, can now be found within the larger site.”

Companies new to search engine marketing can’t have the same strategy that veteran SEM businesses do. It’s like fitness; beginners have to follow a beginner routine to build up basic strength and progress quickly before they switch to an advanced routine.

Practicing barnacle SEO can help you catch up to your competitors. By linking to sites with great content, you’ll put your website on the map. It’s important to note, however, that this strategy yields diminishing returns. After your site gets more exposure, then you’ll have to increase your content creation efforts to keep improving your site ranking.

Barnacle SEO can help businesses get started with search engine marketing. To talk more about search engine marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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