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Mobile marketing trend:

The phenomenal rise in the number of mobile phone users the world over has presented excellent opportunities for advertisers. In 2011, Asia was established as the leader in mobile advertising followed by the USA and UK. Mobile marketing is a direct marketing tool that makes use of the three major formats – SMS, WAP and MMS – to reach out to the huge audience base. WSI’s Mobile marketing solutions in Concord can help you design innovative modules to take advantage of this revolutionary marketing tool.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing:

It has been found that while consumers may stray from their television sets and computers, they are rarely separated from their cell phones. Mobile phone marketing can give your business the edge that you desire to make your product or service visible to your target audience. Because of the portability of the mobile phone, you can stay in touch with your customers at all times, informing them of special schemes, new products and services, and other updates. Our mobile marketing solution can help your business increase the visibility of your product to improve sales.

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